Revelwood is proud to be associated with the following local businesses:

Trailrace Saddleworld

A family owned and operated Saddleworld store in Wyong that has been operating since 1984. They stock the full range of Saddleworld products, as well as Trailrace products and services at very competitive prices. They have a huge range of products from manufaturers such as Equipe, Tatini, Isabell Werth, Charles Owen, Thorowgood, Windsor, Kent and Masters, Show Quest and many others to cater for the serious competitor. They also offer the only comprehensive workshop facility on the Central Coast catering for custom made and designed equipment.

Web site: Trailrace Saddleworld

Equipe Saddles

Italian crafted, close contact saddles made with extreme comfort for both horse and rider in mind. The full range of saddles caters not only for the dressage enthusiast but also extend to showjumpers and eventers. Their top of the range saddles are designed and built around a carbon fibre tree creating greater flexibility and a light weight saddle.

Web site: Equipe Saddles

Proteq Equine Bedding

Proteq Equine Bedding is a premium wood based product manufactured in Australia from untreated softwood shavings and sawdust, which are by-products of the sustainably managed Australian softwood timber industry.

Proteq is heat processed to ensure the highest quality clean bedding is delivered to your stables. Specifically developed for the Equine industry, Proteq has superior benefits in comparison to traditional bedding. Its ease of use, super absorbency and health benefits to horses means that you and your stabled mates will be very happy using Proteq.

Web site: Proteq Equine Bedding 

Prydes Feeds

Producing premium quality feeds supporting all disciplines of the horse industry. They have an excellent range of extruded feeds for both riding and competition horses and excellent nutritional and customer support.

Web site: Prydes Feeds

Ceva Nature Vet

The management systems we have in place are supported by the produce from Ceva Nature Vet.  Their products are second to none and really help in keeping all our horses looking and feeling wonderful.

Ceva Santé Animale was the fastest growing Top 10 veterinary health company through our first 10 years of existence* . We now rank as the ninth largest animal health group globally – and we were only founded in 1999! Our expertise centres on the two fields of pharmacology and biology, where we have dedicated teams that aim to meet the specific demands of the companion animal, poultry, ruminant and swine sectors. We continually strive to find better solutions to existing and emerging diseases which will in turn improve animal health and productivity.

Web Site: Ceva Nature Vet