The New Revelwood Stud
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Revelwood is located in Somersby on the Central Coast of NSW, only an hour from Sydney and Newcastle’s CBD. The 70 acre property is bound by national park as well as a neighbouring competition venue. There are some magnificent areas of our property including Little Mooney Creek that runs directly through the centre. Each side of the creek has been preserved to encourage a natural pathway for vegetation and wildlife.

The stud is blessed to have very high rainfall which provides year-round green pastures. These pastures are supplemented with a balanced diet of Prydes feed, grain and hay.

Cutting edge breeding program

Over a number of years Revelwood has selected the best possible bloodlines for its breeding program. All mares have been chosen to produce offspring to excel in as Grand Prix horses. Their bloodlines, temperament and trainability is always tested before entering the breeding program. Mares are either imported directly from Europe or bred in Australia from imported parents and come from very strong family lines. Many offspring are produced from our top competition mares via embryo transfer.

Stallions at stud

Stallions standing at Stud at Revelwood offer breeders a unique opportunity to access the best bloodlines in Europe. Our imported stallions have been carefully selected to produce quality, trainable offspring that will be capable of the highest level of sport and pleasure. If you need a little more movement, a little better temperament, a little more collection or a little more ‘uphill’ we have a stallion that will suit your mare! Together their bloodlines incorporate the absolute best on offer anywhere in the world- and whats more, they all have proven Performance to back it up!!

Veterinary services

In conjunction with owning and managing Revelwood Stud, Amanda Shoobridge is a successful rider & reproductive veterinarian. She goes above and beyond helping breeders achieve the best possible success rates. From collecting and shipping semen Australia wide to artificial insemination with frozen semen and embryo transfer Amanda is always enthusiastic in achieving the best results possible.

Frozen semen from Waterview Park

Revelwood’s sister company is the successful frozen semen distribution company Waterview Park.  Waterview Park provides it’s clients with access to the world’s leading sires through frozen semen. Stock on hand is constantly updated to keep up the supply of the best genetics possible. Semen is stored at storage facility Gene Movers in Bacchas Marsh (Vic) and also at Revelwood.