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  1. Tegan Gamage
    December 30, 2016

    I’m just enquiring about your stallions for this season. I have an older Rotspon mare who unfortunately failed to conceive via frozen and my vet believes that we’ll have a much better chance with chilled semen. Firstly I’m located in WA and at this stage the vet thinks my mare will be ready on Tuesday which is a problem since the day before is a public holiday. Is there any chance that you could have the semen in WA by Tuesday otherwise we miss this cycle and try again later. I’d prefer to try this cycle if I can..

    A little about my mare she is a grey mare, around 15.3/16hh and by Rotspon and out a TB. To compliment her I need a stallion with a bit more of an uphill tendency, a longer neck and good canter. For myself as a rider I’d like a bit more height, good rideability and temperament. I want to focus more on dressage, however I enjoy jumping around the lower levels around 1m and going on bush ride with friends etc. Basically I’m trying to breed a true all rounder with a flair for the upper levels of dressage.

    There are two stallions of yours that have caught my eye, Stedinger and Versace. Would you recommend either of them? Do they have a high fertility with positive pregnancy rate?

    If there’s any other info that you thin that I should know then please pass it on. I’m very new to the world of breeding. I’ve bred one filly previously and looking to breed my second riding horse 😊

    Kind Regards
    Tegan Gamage

    PS I have sent you a message on Facebook too 😊

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