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How does it work?

We provide our mares for you to flush embryos from using the stallion of your choice. The mares are kept at Revelwood at no cost to you and will be inseminated & prepared for embryo transfer. You choose a stallion & pay the service fee and we perform the vet work at your cost. The embryo is transferred into one of our recipient mares. The mare fee is payable prior to insemination and forms the basis of a lease agreement on the mare. The mare is then available for you to breed to the stallion of your choosing. On positive pregnancy test the recipient mare fee is payable. Agistment is payable for the recipient mare once she has a positive pregnancy test.

Step 1: Choose your mare

We have a growing selection of imported and top level competition mares who are bred each year via embryo transfer (ET). We are now giving you the chance to utilise these mares with our “designer foal” program. A list of mares available and their respective fees can be obtained via email

Step 2: Choose your stallion

You can choose to use one of our amazing imported stallions as the sire, frozen semen from Europe’s best, your own stallion or another in Australia as the sire. Just remember, fresh and chilled semen have a higher success rate than frozen semen.

Step 3: Create the perfect foal!

Once the recipient mare is confirmed 45 days in foal you are able to take her home and watch her belly grow! Upon foaling, crack a bottle of Champagne to celebrate the new arrival!

Other costs

You will be responisble for paying all veterinary fees associated with the embryo transfer as though it was your own mare. Prices can be obtained by email.


Once your pregnancy is confirmed in the recipient mare we recommend that you take out unborn foal insurance. Prospective Foal Insurance indemnifies you in the event that your unborn foal is not born alive or does not survive to a certain age. Most commonly, cover is arranged from the date that the mare is confirmed pregnant 45 days, through until the foal is born and reaches 30 days of age. If you are using a Revelwood Stallion, there is also a live foal guarantee with any service fee purchased.

The possibilities are endless! It really is a unique opportunity to gain access to some of the best genetics on offer in Australia and also the World!