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Cutting edge breeding program, elite stallions and veterinary services

Revelwood Service


Revelwood is arguably the most multi faceted equestrian enterprise in the country with services covering a vast area from veterinary to national competitions and almost everything in between. The beauty of this vertical integration is that we understand what is imperative at every stage of the cycle as they are not just breeders, or just riders, or just semen and horse retailers, or just stallion owners – we understand and offer all the services you require.

The stallion selection at Revelwood is world class and by far the most exciting range of dressage stallions available in Australia. The foals produced by these stallions are nothing short of spectacular. Each stallion has been carefully chosen to offer temperament as an utmost importance. Couple this with various characteristics like movement, trainability, type and pedigree and you are on your way to having a winning formula.

Revelwood can boast tremendous success with artificial breeding technologies such as Embryo Transfer and Frozen Semen inseminations. The exceptional results gained my Amanda in the reproductive department have seen clients travel their mares from as far as Queensland and Victoria. All horses at the clinic are professionally cared for in large yards with shelters. The ten metre yards are post and rail with Diamond Mesh infill. New double size stables ensure all horses needs are fully catered for.

Revelwood pride themselves on the sound production of young horses. Under the careful management and direction of our riders, we are able to break and train your youngster according to the classical principles of riding. The youngsters are carefully brought on and assessed which gives the them a lot of confidence and a sound beginning for their future.

There are some incredible opportunities awaiting genuine purchasers at Revelwood. With the majority of stock now from imported parentage, the quality is very high. Walking through the paddocks at Revelwood is an exciting experience. There are many top quality foals that would turn heads no matter the crowd.

Our foals have been bred with the utmost care. Their bloodlines have been carefully selected to compliment both parents and for maximum rideability and scope. There are many foals that boast multiple generations of Revelwood breeding which is exciting to see as the quality is dramatically improving at every generation.

With the use of embryo transfer we are able to get multiple foals from our international and sport horse mares in a season. This in turn offers astute purchasers endless possibilities as it is the intention to offer these foals for sale. Why travel to Europe when the quality on our own doorstep is of such a high standard?